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What you should know about floods and then some.
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Flood Quick Facts

  • Even an inch of water can require replacement of electrical, drywall, appliances and all floor coverings and sub-flooring.
  • Nobody knows the age of all the levees in the U.S. The Army Corps of Engineers database goes back 54 year and accounts for only 14,800 miles of an estimated 100,000 miles of levees leaving 85% of them under local or State maintenance.
  • Events happening many miles away could create a situation where levees can be overtopped or cause rivers to rise to dangerous levels in your neighborhood. 
  • Floods are among the most frequent and expensive of all natural disasters. 
  • Flash floods can occur anywhere downstream from where heavy rain falls for hours or even days and is evident by the rapidly rising water along a stream or in low-lying areas
  • 25% of homes with flood claims every year are in low risk zones.